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We are Hope For A New Haiti and we believe that we are called to open a window into the lives of the children and young people of Haiti so that all people will be aware of what they are going through.

They are the children of God and they are suffering immensely”

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. But added to that are 3 major natural disasters in the last 13 years. (The earthquake of 2010 killed an estimated 400,000 in the capital city and destroyed all infrastructure.) 

Last year there was a total collapse of governance after the assasination of president Moise by central american narco terrorists. This was followed by the takeover of terroristic gangs armed with automatic weapons who kill civilians indiscriminately (600 civilians and 15 police have been killed so far this year). The current world energy crisis has caused massive food and fuel inflation. Famine has descended upon all of Haiti and starvation and disease have followed (current cholera epidemic in progress). The world governments have abandoned Haiti now so no aid is coming.

The following families are ones that we have chosen to support although there are millions more like them. They all have one thing in common. They were all orphaned during the 2010 earthquake and there is no other help for them. Many live on the street and are in danger of being shot by the gangs so they hide at night. Some have shelter but go days without food or water on a regular basis. And the overall living conditions cause frequent life threatening illnesses. 

Hope For A New Haiti, an outreach of Rescue the Poor America (501c3), has been helping Haitians for 5 years now but additional support is desperately needed. And I myself have come to consider them as my own children. Also, I do invest the majority of my own time and resources into their lives. We are in communication with them daily and request documents from them when needed to support their cause. We hope you will join us in our mission to give hope to those who humbly wait for God to bring them the miracle of life and hope and a future.



Rex Avery Whisenhunt
Director – Hope For A New Haiti

Rescue the Poor America 501c3

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Pastor Fredelin Mompremier

Pastor Fredelin Mompremier

We met Fredelin 6 years ago. This year We’ve helped Fredelin to put chairs in the church he built with his own hands called Church New Life in Christ near Pignon, Haiti. And we helped him to drill a water well and build a toilet for his garden project to grow food and to potentially provide jobs for our other recipients. The project is large and will take time to fully fund and complete the work but is for sustainability.

● Fredelin has a degree in Theology and along with pastoring a church of several hundred that he founded, he travels to other churches to speak. He also has a degree in
Agronomy is perfectly suited for the garden project. He also has planted an orchard of 1,000 trees but will take time to produce fruit.
● Fredelin has battled h-pylori several times over the course of his life and almost died from the infection last year. We provide medicine he needs to stay well.

Eddy Pierre Louis

We found Eddy living in a tent on a roof 5 years ago and starving. We helped pay for Eddy’s education and graduation. Eddy is ready to begin tile work as well, though he lacks the tools and equipment.

● Eddy has tuberculosis and recently developed diabetes. We’ve been able to treat
symptoms with donations, but he has not yet been cured, largely because he shares the
money he’s given to his family to keep them alive.
● Eddy fought with Typhoid this year, which we helped him to treat but the tuberculosis recurs.
Rosier household

Kendy Rosier household

We found Kendy’s family 5 years ago living in a U.N. shelter before all the shelters closed.

● Kendy lives with Peterson (18), Woodjina, Lenia, Romaniste
● Kendy has graduated from tiling school, which we helped pay for, and has received a
shipment of used tools and equipment from us so that he can begin work. He is looking
for tile work.
● Assisted in rebuilding grandparent’s home after the earthquake and hurricanes of
● We assisted Kendy’s house with lifesaving medical care for himself and his family as due
to malnutrition, illnesses among Haitians are frequent.


Pierre Adams

Pierre is 17 years old and lives with his aunt. But he is not treated well there. The aunt is threatening to put him out on the street. He desperately wants to finish school but can’t find food money, much less school fees. He has a wound on his leg that needs antibiotic cream and bandages before it gets infected. He asks that I pray over him every night and is sad if I miss.


Bertrand LaForet

Jean Bertrand LaForet

Jean is a brilliant young man who lives with his elderly parents, siblings, nephews and nieces in a house that was mostly destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. Only 1 room is habitable. He teaches Sunday school and is the best English speaking Haitian we know. He roams the streets daily looking for work and food for his family. His mother is anemic and has had an issue with blood for 20 years now. He is waiting for the garden work to begin and will go immediately. He has hurt his ankle and needs medical attention too.
● Food and water
● Medicine for mother and himself


Wilson Charles

Wilson is 18 years old. He lives in the western part of Haiti outside of the town of Jeremy. The region was severely impacted by the major earthquake of 2021. He lives a 2 hours walk from the city but has no shelter. He is very much tired of being rained on and his phone is starting to have trouble because of getting wet. He doesn’t get to eat much but says he would much rather go without food if he can use any money to get out of the rain. He is sick too.